Variation on a Soup

roasted pumpkin soup

by JenniferA - Bread and Putter on January 17, 2012

Here’s the thing.  Work has been stressful.  Counting beans is frequently way more difficult than cooking them.  So, at the end of the day when my brain has been fried by one too many Excel spreadsheets and I still need to get dinner on the table and maybe find the will to exercise a bit, the blog sort of slides away to the nether regions of my consciousness.  Did that sound dirty?

And, you know, life?  That’s kind of stressful too.  I mean, you try to do stuff that maybe will be good for you.  My husband, for example. He’s begrudgingly trying to quit smoking and on his doctor’s recommendation, he tried the patch.  No lie, on the very first day he wore the patch, this story came out about how it doesn’t really work in the long term. Then, two days later, while I was at my hot yoga class, my husband was watching NBC Nightly News and heard the big story about yoga might be bad for you and most people probably shouldn’t do it because they will be injured.  I’ve only been taking this class for 2 months and my abs are probably flatter than they have been in my adult life and my stamina is better than it has been for years.  But, apparently it’s bad.  It’s an ancient practice that millions have benefited from, but maybe I’ll hurt myself.  Maybe I should just sit around and do nothing! Nope, can’t do that either.

I really need to relax. Did I tell you I’m taking a cruise at the end of this month?

Oh bother.

Well, maybe just a nice comforting bowl of soup is what I need.  Maybe carotene is good for you, or maybe not.  Maybe pumpkins will bring the zombie apocalypse.  Who can tell?  Up is down, down is up.

Remember this Velvety Squash Soup?  It’s really kind of fabulous.  So, I figured it would still be fabulous with a sugar pumpkin instead of butternut and acorn squashes.  And yeah, it might not be so easy to find a pumpkin this time of year.  Or maybe you still have one sitting around, firm and fresh as ever like I did.  Or, if not, try the canned stuff.  Fresh pumpkin puree is kind of watery anyway unless you strain it forever.

Oh, yeah. I didn’t have any apple cider so I roasted a couple apples along with the pumpkin.  If I were to do it again, I’d peel the apple first.  But if you are weird like me, don’t worry, it wasn’t that hard to peel it off after roasting.

All roasted and collapsed, just like I feel after a full day of bean counting!

Check it out – I got a fancy bright orange new immersion blender to go with my bright orange soup!  Fancy, right?  Or maybe immersion blenders will be the death of me and the vibrations alone with shake my brain right out of my head.  It’s a dangerous world.  You just don’t know.  I’ll take my chances.

Seriously, it so totally blows away the circa 1986 model from my husband’s previous marriage.  I used to think if you really wanted something pureed, you had to use a real blender.  As it turns out – a good immersion blender actually works just as well!!  Woot!  And so much easier to clean than a full blender.

Did I mention I threw in a little booze?  Hey, why not?  Maybe it’s better for you than yoga.


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