Red Wine Braised Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Shallots

red wine braised pork chops shallots mushrooms

by JenniferA - Bread and Putter on January 3, 2012

Oops, I did it again! I played with the food, got lost in the game.

What???  Is that not how it goes??

Ahem.  Anyway, what I’m saying is once again I created something pretty tasty but didn’t write it all down immediately.  I took some pictures and now here it is a week and a half later and I have to remember what exactly I did.

Here’s what I remember for sure.  My husband, the one who I call The Carnivore, kept remarking on how good the mushrooms were.  Not that the pork chops weren’t delicious, but he particularly liked what he called the “mushroom ragout.” Ooh, I’m so fancy and I didn’t know it!

So, once again I present less of a recipe and more of a guideline. Give it a whirl, change up the veggies if you don’t like ‘shrooms, try it with white wine perhaps.  And then serve it with some nice mashed potatoes or maybe some polenta to enjoy with the ragout.  (Just don’t be like me. I was impatient with my potatoes and they weren’t quite cooked through, which equals lumpy, chunky taters.)


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