Mini Boozy Apple Turnovers

mini apple turnovers

by JenniferA - Bread and Putter on October 10, 2011

Maybe it was the booze, but I swear I hadn’t even sampled any yet.  You see, I had made these full size apple turnovers on the fly a couple weeks ago that my husband really enjoyed.  We were invited to a small dinner party and asked to bring dessert and I thought of the turnovers.  Then I thought maybe I could make them half the size.  Some people (not me) just don’t alway s want to make the commitment to a full size dessert. (Shocking, I know!)  So, I figured if I made them smaller, people would be more likely to go ahead and dig in. The last time, I cut a sheet of puff pastry into four pieces.  This time I figured I’d cut it into eight pieces instead.  How hard could that be?


Well, not hard at all, really. But at some point I got carried away.


It took until I was filling these cuties before I stopped and thought, “Wow, these are tiny! Cutting them in half made them way smaller than I thought!! Heyyyy…. wait a minute….”


Not that there’s anything wrong with making sixteen of them! In fact, if people who won’t commit to a full size dessert (crazy people) would be more likely to go for a half size dessert, then they’d probably be even more likely to take a really tiny one. Or more than one. Which they did. In fact, there were just six of us at the dinner party and they all disappeared. Heh. It wasn’t a mistake! It was strategy. Yeah, that’s it!


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