Five Things You Should Be Doing

by Bread and Putter on March 29, 2011

1. You should be following Ali over at Three Baking Sheets to the Wind. Add her blog to your feed, or your bookmarks or to that scrap of paper you keep in your top drawer with your hand written list of favorite Web Logs because you are old school like that. Because, seriously, where else can you find Angry Swans, Beer Candy, *AND* edible Alan Rickman?

2. You should be treating yourself to some fancy-pantsy European butter. It’s great on bread but a-freaking-mazing in cookie dough, particularly in this recipe that Ali posted recently. Ali used Plugra, and then I made them and used KerryGold. It was a struggle to stop myself from eating the raw dough and refrigerate it already.


3. You should be learning my new math. It’s like this – one giant cookie is good. But it is one cookie. You might feel guilty if you ate two giant cookies. But who can stop at just one cookie? But if you make your cookies medium or even medium large, you can surely eat more than one. Maybe even three. Surely three medium cookies are less than or equal to the calories and fat of one giant cookie. Or maybe not. But you can pretend.


4. You should be making these cookies already, like yesterday. I used pecan halves instead of walnuts, Ghiradelli bittersweet baking chunks, and made 20 or so medium-large cookies instead of 12 giant ones. And then I ate many of them.


5. You should be dancing, yeah! Burn off a few of those cookies.

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