Five More Things To Do with Meyer Lemons

meyer lemons

by JenniferA - Bread and Putter on March 6, 2012

So, when you saw that picture of the beautiful Meyer lemons in my last post did you rush out to Costco and buy gigantic package of them too?  And then did you make the lemon squares and use only two of them and curse my name and say now what I am going to do with 20 more lemons?  Lots of things!!


1. Take a lemon to work. Put a wedge in your morning cup of tea. Lovely with English Breakfast. Then, put a twist in your big glass of water with lunch. Yum! (Yes, that really is a Rolodex on my desk and I actually do use it. That’s how I roll.)


2. Have a drink. After work. Simple is good – vodka, club soda, lots of ice, and a big fat juicy twist of Meyer lemon. So refreshing! And somehow, it tastes even better when you put it in a nice crystal goblet if you have one handy.

3. Marinate some pork chops! Okay, okay. That pork chop? You’ve seen that one before, and yeah, it’s really more a picture of those delicious cheesy chili grits. But, work with me here. I really did marinate some pork chops last week and I even served them again with cheesy chili grits. But first, I marinated the chops in the juice of one Meyer lemon, about a tablespoon of olive oil, a splash of Worcestershire, and a little crushed rosemary. Delightful!

4. Pass some off to your daughter because you think they might be a good snack like an orange. (I didn’t do this. My husband might have.) Or, if that doesn’t work, use the zest to make cookies. I made Abby Dodge’s Lemon Meltaway cookies from Desserts 4 Today and forgot to take a picture. I love that book. You should go order it now so you can get that recipe.

5. Okay, so you had a few drinks, a few pork chops and a few cookies and now you still have about 50 lemons. Now what? Okay, have I got something for you! Abby comes to the rescue again with her Key Lime Heaven!

meyer lemon heaven

What do key limes have to do with anything? Well, Abby is always encouraging us to change it up so I made Meyer Lemon Heaven and not only does that rhyme, but it uses up 6 or 7 more lemons. Shazaam!


And yes, a nice big dollop of homemade whipped cream on top would be appropriate and worth a few more minutes on the elliptical. And okay, I still have 3 more lemons left, but I consider that to be a good thing. They won’t go to waste around here. So, don’t fear the giant package. You can use it up faster than you’d think. Oh, and your fingers might start smelling lemony fresh all the time. Bonus!

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