#crabcakecrawl 2012, Part 2

August 14, 2012

On Saturday, after a breakfast of homemade baked oatmeal a la Wendi, it was on to downtown Baltimore and Lexington Market. It’s an indoor market with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to VHS tapes (yes, really!) We wound our way through both ends of the market until we arrived at Faidley’s, which in and […]


#crabcakecrawl 2012, Part 1

August 8, 2012

Once upon a time, I had this wonderful revelation. I was traveling for work in Virginia with a boss who no longer works for the same company but who knew where the best food was to be found in every city we visited.  He was also really good at rounding up the troops and getting […]


Just a lil’ ole steakhouse

Thumbnail image for Just a lil’ ole steakhouse June 13, 2012

So, what could be interesting enough to drag me out of blog-hiding and make me want to post before I burst? Well, I have a restaurant recommendation for you, but only if you happen to find yourself in Wynne, Arkansas. Then again, if you find yourself in Wynne, Arkansas, chances are you already know about […]



Thumbnail image for Faves April 30, 2012

My sister has another one of her photo hunt challenges going on and this one is nice and easy – Favorites.  Which isn’t to say this slacker got right on top of it and dutifully took all these photos with the assignment in mind. But, since I tend to take pictures of my favorite things […]


February Photo Hunt

Thumbnail image for February Photo Hunt February 27, 2012

Apparently slackerly blogging runs in the family.  Although my sister’s version of slacking is really not quite as slack as mine.  Sibling rivalry, right?  No, I’m a bigger slacker!!!  Ha ha!  The good thing to come out of all this slacking?  I am slacking in at the last minute with an entry for Karen’s February […]


Fine Cuisine on the High Seas

Thumbnail image for Fine Cuisine on the High Seas February 16, 2012

This vacation was our second cruise, and in my post from the last one, I mentioned that for the most part, I wasn’t impressed with the food.  Or, should I say, not as impressed as I thought I would be.  This time was not much different, and in fact I think the lunch/breakfast buffet was […]


Versatile Vacationing Victuals

Thumbnail image for Versatile Vacationing Victuals February 9, 2012

Why, hello there. You are here!  I am here.  What do you know about that?  How’s it been going? Did you miss me? Ahhhhhh, vacation.  How sweet it is.  Was. Damn, it’s over already.  I know, I know!!  I shouldn’t complain.  At least I got to go, and man, oh, man, did I need it!  […]


Here I am

Thumbnail image for Here I am December 26, 2011

Oh, hi! There you are.  Here I am.  I have this blog thingie and sometimes people read it. I guess I took a little break from the part where I write it. Oopsie. What can I say except for life happens? I can’t really pinpoint one particular thing but apparently during the Christmas rush, this blog […]


The Complete Quick Cook

Thumbnail image for The Complete Quick Cook November 29, 2011

It must be karma or something because I think me and this book were meant to be. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Complete Quick Cook for review from the publishers and it turns out this is the book I’ve always wanted without knowing it was the book I always wanted. […]


Scott’s Photo Assignment – Best of 2011

Thumbnail image for Scott’s Photo Assignment – Best of 2011 November 17, 2011

I’ve been a bit of a blog slacker lately and also a Scott’s Assignments at Views Infinitum slacker as well. I totally missed the last one, but this time there’s no excuses. The hardest part was just picking. No new photos required, just pick your favorites from the last 12 months. Phew! I can do […]