Pies & Tarts

Raspberry White Chocolate Tart

Thumbnail image for Raspberry White Chocolate Tart April 10, 2012

Did you have a nice weekend? Did you celebrate a spring holiday of your choice? I hosted Easter dinner once again and I decided to change a few things up on my regular menu, starting at the end with this pretty dessert. I usually make a carrot cake but for some reason I just wasn’t […]


Strawberry Meyer Lemon Tart

Thumbnail image for Strawberry Meyer Lemon Tart April 3, 2012

Quick!  Run to your local store and see if they still have any Meyer lemons. (Or if you are like my Twitter pal Sheri over at Pork Cracklins, just step out into your Silicon Valley neighborhood and grab a few off of a tree, any old time of year. Yes, I am jealous.)  I got […]


Mini Boozy Apple Turnovers

Thumbnail image for Mini Boozy Apple Turnovers October 10, 2011

Maybe it was the booze, but I swear I hadn’t even sampled any yet.  You see, I had made these full size apple turnovers on the fly a couple weeks ago that my husband really enjoyed.  We were invited to a small dinner party and asked to bring dessert and I thought of the turnovers.  […]


Love and Pie

Thumbnail image for Love and Pie August 12, 2011

I do not know Jennifer Perillo personally.  I’ve heard of her and her very popular blog, In Jennie’s Kitchen, and she was at the Big Summer Potluck.  There were so many new people to meet and somehow I never did actually meet Jennifer.  But, my heart still breaks for her.  Jennie’s husband Mikey passed away […]


Bake Together Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

Thumbnail image for Bake Together Strawberry Ice Cream Pie July 5, 2011

Today, I am mashing together Twitter hashtags to bring you #BakeTogether #PieDay!  I had so much fun with Abby Dodge’s last Bake Together challenge, of course I had to participate in the latest – Summer Strawberry Sorbet.  Yes, I know that picture doesn’t look like sorbet in that pie and you are right, but it’s […]


Bright Red Strawberry Pie

Thumbnail image for Bright Red Strawberry Pie June 17, 2011

I know I said I’d be featuring more green recipes and though these strawberries are super local, they definitely aren’t green.  They are bright red beauties.  Not pink, not white inside, but good and red like a real strawberry should be.  Some of these berries are from the CSA and the rest are from our very […]


Baking Together with Abby Dodge

Thumbnail image for Baking Together with Abby Dodge May 27, 2011

You know I love Abby Dodge. So, when Abby posted her invitation to bloggers to bake together in the month of May, you know I was on board. Abby provided us with her gorgeous Chocolate Truffle Tart recipe and encouraged us to make it our own with change-ups and mix-ins. My first order of business […]


Wayback Wednesday – Strawberry S’More Pie

Thumbnail image for Wayback Wednesday – Strawberry S’More Pie May 18, 2011

Okay, I see how it is.  I can tell that you, my fabulous readers, get a bit more excited about the sweet stuff.  Oh, sure – there are weak protests. Oh, don’t do this to my diet!!  But when push comes to shove, you like it.  I know you do!!  And since strawberry season is […]


All Abby Dodge, All The Time

citrus juice April 13, 2011

Abby Dodge – she of Desserts 4 Today and all those easy, delicious, sophisticated treats, also has a pretty awesome blog. Come for the recipes, stay for the fun stories! She’s just too cute. And I want to make pretty much everything she posts. In fact, when she posted her Key Lime Heaven recipe on […]


The Pie I Had To Make

peanut butter pie February 6, 2011

I have such conflicted emotions about January being over. On the one hand, snow. Like two feet of the crap or more. Lots and lots of snow. So, yay! Bring on February – it’s closer to March and spring starts in March. On the other hand, if January is over, then my vacation is really […]